Saturday, May 14, 2011

Worst Season EVER

..... and just an FYI, when you read the "ever" at the end you have to say it as an echo repeating in a large tunnel of doom otherwise you don't get the full effect.

I've watched Survivor religiously since I was just a wee little tot. My grandma used to make me watch the Rosie O'Donnell show with her back in the day (hey, she did have pretty cool desks there for a while, remember the hamster wheel desk? anyone? anyone? no.. ) and I remember her talking about this show called Survivor that was coming on. Back then it was on Wednesdays too, and I decided to tune in. Stacy Stillman ate this larvae bug and I was like "HOLY Sh%!" (yes, it was edited like that too! I was only like 10!) and I've been hooked ever since. (althought I am glad her & Bryant Gumball stopped doing the reunion shows) I remember my freshman year at MSU I even selected my classes around the show. Thursdays were full of parties on campus, but not for me. I was in my dorm on the bottom bunk watching Survivor.

I think its no secret I'm not a fan of Boston Rob. I never have been, never will be. I don't understand the hype around him. He sucks. (read my past blogs) He's a little whinesack suckbaby who cries until he gets his way who for some unknown reason the world thinks he's this big genius because he outwitted Lex in season 8. (btw, if you can't outwit Lex, i'm sorry) So when I seen that Redemption Island was pitting two of the best Survivor's to ever play the game against each other I was all like SWEET BABY JESUS!!! Whose it gonna be? Russell? Stephenie? Parvati? Todd? Yul? Sash? Brenda? Holly? so you can imagine the heartbreak when womp womp wommmmmmmppp it was Rob. The only outwitting this dumb sonuvabitch has done was outwitting Jeff Probst to give him a bottle of water in Heroes vs Villains! Probst has a major hard on for the guy. I tuned into episode one and saw this shitfest and I just couldn't take it anymore. For the first time in 10 years I haven't watched the show. Which leads me to the point of my blog...

This is the worst season ever. The twist is lame. The cast is lame. The whole concept of Rob being considered one of the greatest is lame... We've had some pretty sketchy things happen over the past 11 years, but this one has topped them all. So since I haven't blogged this season (because I haven't watched it) I decided to to write one last blog with the finale being this weekend and rank the seasons. (btw, based on my original cast assessments in my first blog pre-season, 2 of my picks are at the end)


1.)Heroes vs Villains
10.)Pearl Islands
14.)Cook Islands
15.)All Stars
22.)Redemption Island

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  1. Michael I completely agree with you about Rob. I have never been a fan either. I also hope he doesn't do the show again. I too don't get the big deal about him at all. Four times is too many times. Let's get some better players in. Great blog and missed them :)