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A Survivor Villain is someone who takes control of their destiny. Its impossible to win the game and be everyone's friend. If you do, you're a coattail rider. There are some people who are villains and just refuse to own up to it. Jerri, for example. When she decided to embrace her villainous she was a fan favorite again... a far cry from being booed off the stage at the reunion show. Then there's the little underdog that is often times on the receiving end of the bullying that everyone loves. For example, Sierra. How could you not love Sierra? How could you not love Sugar in Gabon? How can you not love Cochran? .. and then there's Whitney. You can't be both, Whitney. You either have to be the bully or the victim. You can't be both. We watched her tribe for the first half of the game completely isolate Cochran, and yes, he was the victim. Unlike Sierra and Sugar he didn't pout around, he took his fate into his own hands and switched things up. Now the funny part about this is, when he does it, he's suddenly the bully and everyone else is being "villified" Its not called villified. Its called karma.

The complete attitude change of Ozzy was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen in my life. I will say Ozzy is a great physical player but he's probably one of the most boring people I've ever witnessed on Survivor and I honestly can't see what everyone else seems to like in him. Watching Jim go from the cockiest player to the outs was quite hilarious! (now let me say, i like Jim. he's entertaining. villain or hero, i don't care, as long as you're entertaining) Whitney & Keith have been separated and I swear you would think you just stomped a kitten right in front of her face. I wonder how Elyse feels about the whole situation? Yeah, remember her? The girl you lied to. She probably thinks its karma too.

This is clearly a tribe full of recruits with minimal knowledge on the show but lets look back on the past... most recently.. Tocantins - Taj, Stephen, & JT came into the merge 3 against.. well everyone else.. Samoa - Natalie, Russell, Mick came into the merge the last remaining members of their tribe... HvV- Russell & Parvati were on the outs from not only merge but DAY 1. They never once had more than 3 (danielle) people in their alliance and they both made it to the final 3. It doesn't matter if you have the numbers or not, if you have the strategy, you will succeed. Trust me when I say, making an outcast of everyone who doesn't have 6 pack abs and who look good in bikini isn't strategy. They did the same thing to Dawn & Papa Bear.. luckily for Dawn Cochran stepped up his game and got Elyse out and then they went on an immunity streak or she would be gone too. (let me say though, I LOVE Dawn. I don't see her as fake, I see her as a loyal mother with a bad strategy. She loves everyone and refuses to "lie" unfortunately for her, the people she's sticking with are bringing her down.) Now they're in the minority, instead of stepping their game up half of them continue trying to bully people around, and the other half mope around and shed some tears and feel the conviction of being the bad guy. Instead of saying "you know what, i'm sorry, you're right" you start to cry and say "i wasn't the bad guy, you making me look the bad guy!!" ...

Again, clearly they are recruits... Todd from China - greatest strategist (and villain) to ever play the game. Instead of lying, he came clean at tribal council.. what happens? he won! Don't lie about it, we all know you're lying. By lying you're only making them hate you more.

This is Whitney's Not-So-Oscar-Worthy performance (But I gotta hand it to her, its better than Ozzy's)

& now this is her on Facebook & Twitter.... you're not being "villified" Whitney. You're mean. You're a bully. You're self centered.. just admit to it. Either legitimately change, or own up to it.. because at this rate, you're not fooling anybody... & neither are the rest of the Savaii tribe.
  • Things that "Disgust" me...maybe I will write a song about it...

    1) Cochran... a.k.a Cockroach
    2) Judgmental people
    3) People that think Cochran's betrayal was "Smart"
    4) Pig on a Spit
    5) Upolu feeding each other
    6) People that have nothing better to do than to come to my facebook page & say stupid, mean things
    7) People that think I should not speak my mind
    8) People that think "reality" tv is actually "reality"
    9) People that think I am not playing the game because editing is not showing me
    10) Cochran playing "dress up" in Coach's jacket
    11) Muffins
    12) Upolu's hypocrisy
    13) The glare of the sun reflecting off of Cochran's white skin on the beach.
    14) Coach's tai chi
    15) The cream in Rick's beard carefully placed by Edna

  • Tough's like living it all over again. At the end of the day, I must remember that it is a game & I had the time of my life. My dad said it best though..."I thought Cochran was supposed to be smart." haha He might've made the dumbest move ever. He wasn't picked on...that was just his sob story/excuse for being a weasel and flipping. :) fun times...

From Twitter:

Whitney Duncan
My dad said, "I thought Cochran was supposed to be smart." haha
Whitney Duncan
Haha true. RT : Cockroach isn't trying to win the game, he's trying to earn his 'call me by my last name' stripes.
Whitney Duncan
if u would have been there you would have been disgusted too. Christian or not. We r still humans.
Whitney Duncan
How many blurs on my mouth tonight?! Like 3 I think. My mama's gonna wash my mouth out with soap, haha

Not only all these rude comments, but recently a story (read it here) broke that she was married at the time of filming and cheated on her husband with fellow tribe mate, Keith. Surely with all the whining she's been doing about Cochran not staying loyal to a tribe, that has been nothing but mean spirited toward him, and that he's only known for 2 weeks, this isn't true... (not that i care if it is, i'm just saying.. people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.. atleast he had a million reasons for his backstabbing)

Now let me close by saying, I don't "not like" Whitney. (She's not my favorite, but thats because she's edited out of the show completely. I only used her because she's the one who broke down crying at tribal. I would say maybe her tribe was edited to appear so mean, but there's no editing department in charge of her facebook & tweets) I just find it funny when people try to be all woe as me. Whitney, Jim, Ozzy, Keith, and the rest of Savaii who refuses to admit it, yes, you're a villain. Get over it. Own up to it. Its just unfortunate that you're villain behavior is more "personal attacks" rather than "strategy" (Like Russell, Parvati, Cirie, Rob etc) and in a time in which the "it will get better" campaign is running strong you're really looking like idiots for isolating someone because they're different.... and yes, that's the definition of the word "bully".

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